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Thanks to our high standards, customer service, and processing flexibility, Certi-Fresh is a recognized leader in the seafood industry.  


Our array of fish and seafood products; harvested from oceans and farms around the world makes us your premier global source.


We offer an array of globally harvested fresh fish and seafood products; from Halibut, Tuna, Sea Bass, Swordfish, and Salmon to breaded Scallops, Oysters, fish and vegetables.  

We are also "Shrimply The Best" when it comes to our cooked, raw, and value added shrimps - providing the finest variety the worlds oceans and farms have to offer.


To ensure the most fresh and safe products, Certi-Fresh adheres to stringent food safety standards in processing and packaging, leading the industry today.

Additionally,our sales team utilizes a constructive partnership approach to guarantee every customer receives incomparable products and service.  That's the world of a difference you can expect from Certi-Fresh.

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