Yellow Fin Tuna

Yellow fin Ahi Tuna (Thunnus Albacarus)
Wild Caught – Product of the Philippines


Long Line fishermen harvest this product from the Indian Ocean for immediate processing. Frozen tuna is treated with CO for color retention as it the item darkens significantly during the freezing process without it. CO is the only chemical used in our tuna and our processors even generate their own smoke from all natural materials like coconut husk and tree bark. Our frozen tuna is among the highest quality on the market, low CO concentrations and higher quality raw materials will yield a finished product with superior taste and texture to other frozen processors.


Ahi tuna is harvested year around, and supplies tend to sway dependant on wild catch. Volume commitments can be made with monthly price adjustments.

Product Forms

We are able to produce a wide array of finished products, from boneless skinless loins to portion control sizing on steaks and saku block.


All loins and portions will be individually vacuum packed and ready for thaw, rinse and cooking.

Wild Caught Yellow fin Ahi Tuna

Items Available

Size Item Number Pack
Premium Steaks
8 oz TUN8CF2/10 2/10
6 oz TUN6CF2/10 2/10
4 oz TUN4CF2/10 2/10
Center Cut Loin – Boneless/Skinless
3-5 lb TUNL35CF2/11 2/10
Saku Block
8-16 oz TUN16CF2/11 2/11