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Understanding Shrimp

This chart depicts the change in shrimp size from shell-on through peeling, cooking and breading.

Sizing Reference Guide
Shell-On Size P&D Size Cooked Size
6/8 count 8/10 10/12
8/10 count 10/12 13/15
10/12 count 13/15 16/20
13/15 count 16/20 21/25
16/20 count 21/25 26/30
21/25 count 26/30 31/40
26/30 count 31/40 41/50
31/40 count 41/50 51/60
41/50 count 51/60 61/70
51/60 count 61/70 71/90
Glossary of Terms

C: Cooked

UC: Uncooked

Head-On: Head, shell and tailfins on.

Headless/Shell-On: Only the head has been removed and the shell and tailfins are still on.

Tail On: Headless, peeled & deveined shrimp in which the tail has not been removed.

Can be cooked or uncooked.

Tail Off: Headless, peeled & deveined shrimp in which the tail has been removed.

Only available cooked.

P&D: Peeled & deveined, round, tail off. All shell and tailfins have been removed, with segments shallowly slit to the last segment.

P&D/Butterfly: Peeled & deveined, fantail or butterfly, tail on. All shell has been removed except last shell segment and tail fins with segments deeply slit to last segment

PUD: Peeled and undeveined. All shell and tailfins have been removed with the segments unslit.

Butterflied: The shell and digestive track have been removed and a deep cut has been made that “butterflies” the shrimp without splitting it into two pieces.