The foodservice department at Certi-Fresh Foods provides our customers with the best seafood at a reasonable price. We package our fish to suit your needs. Typical formats are whole fish, fillets, steaks, portion control and crab splitting. Generally, we pack fillets and portions in 10 pound containers. Ice is added to all boxes to ensure the product arrives fresh at its destination. IQF fish products are maintained in deep freeze storage after they are processed, and pulled at the last minute prior to shipping to ensure product integrity. We provide the best, guaranteed.

Unlike many seafood companies, we process, package and ship our seafood all from the same location. Your seafood never leaves our quality control system until it is shipped to you. From succulent, tender shrimp to the finest tuna, salmon, swordfish and more.

These are just a few reasons why the foodservice department at Certi-Fresh Foods has the finest seafood available anywhere. After your first order, we think you’ll agree. Our only goal is to bring you the finest seafood available-fresh and to your customer’s table.

To learn more about how we can serve your restaurant, please contact:

Peter Palma
(310) 221-6262