When shrimp surpassed tuna as America’s favorite seafood product several years ago, a whole new world of menu opportunities was born.

Shrimp’s a natural in the kitchen. It’s versatile. It’s easy to prepare. And, as America’s favorite seafood, it’s popular. Certi-Fresh Foods offers an expansive selection of shrimp sizes and styles for an endless array of plating possibilities. Cooked, Raw, Shell-On, Shell-Off, Butterflied, Breaded, Flavored, whichever you choose, you’re guaranteed the finest quality, frozen in the freshest state possible and packed to perfection.

The flavor and texture of shrimp are influenced by the waters they come from or are raised in, plus from what they eat or are fed. Wild shrimp feed on seaweed and crustaceans which gives them a more enriched flavor and thicker shell. The ability to swim freely also makes the meat firmer.

Certi-Fresh Shrimp offers you a whole world of shrimp possibilities. There are more than 300 different species of shrimp, and we know them all; Mexican White and Brown Shrimp, Asian Black Tiger and White Shrimp, Gulf Shrimp from Texas and Louisiana. Only premium shrimp carry the Certi-Fresh name.

Farm-raised or ocean-harvested, every shrimp is subjected to stringent quality standards before it becomes a Certi-Fresh shrimp. All of our shrimp is processed in HACCP and ISO approved plants, where they are kept in a temperature-controlled environment. Our farm-raised shrimp is brought in live, where it is inspected and microbiologically and organoleptically (taste- tested) before it is processed and frozen. Every bag Wild or Farmed of Certi-Fresh shrimp is stamped, embossed and stickered with a code that tells us the plant, production date and, if farmed, the farm the product came from. Certi-Fresh’s Quality Assurance Program ensures that quality, sizing, weights and overall product integrity are continuously monitored for the ultimate in customer satisfaction. Available peeled and deveined or peeled and undeveined, tail on, tail off, shell-on, IQF, and easy-peeled. Certi-Fresh offers you a whole new world of shrimp possibilities.

Point of Interest for Certi-Fresh Brand Shrimp

  • Multiple Sources we have long term relationships in many Countries of Origin which ensures year-round supply.
  • Multiple Species we specialize in Mexican White Shrimp and Southeast Asian Black Tiger and White Shrimp.
  • Value Added Varieties – custom cuts, specs and counts available.
  • Sustainable/Responsible Sourcing – Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) Certified Packers.
  • Superior Quality in all sourcing.
  • Guaranteed Net Weights and Counts for accurate and consistent food cost.
  • Program Pricing Available.
  • Individually Quick Frozen (IQF) vs. Block Frozen for reduced labor and handling.
  • IQF or Blocks available, IQF is recommended pull only what you need out of the freezer, no waste!