California Calamari

Californai Calamari (Loligo Opalescens)
Wild Caught – Product of USA


Directly off of our California coast swim a huge diversity of sea life. Certi-Fresh’s wholly owned subsidiary, Western Fish Company, owns two purse seining fishing vessels that predominately harvest squid. We have put together a vertically integrated calamari program which gives us complete control of spec and quality from harvest to frozen finished product. Processing from both fresh caught and frozen product, we are able to offer a cleaned calamari that will out-perform the imported product day after day. Although our local Loligo doesn’t grow quite as large as some of its cousins, the taste and texture will prevail.


This is a seasonal item with the main harvest season in the in late summer and early winter. Program business is not a problem, but high volume operators are urged to commit to 1 year volume during the season to ensure year round supply and competitive pricing.

Product Forms

We are able to produce a wide array of finished products, all 100 % Cleaned, from Tubes & Tentacles to Pre-Cut Rings & Tentacles.


All finished products will be block frozen and ready for thaw, rinse and cooking.

Points of Reference

  • Western Fish is a wholly owned subsidiary of Certi-Fresh Foods
  • fishing company primarily targeting California Calamari
  • also fish for sardines and other fin fish during seasons
  • 2 purse seining fishing vessels owned and operated by Western Fish
  • 2-3 additional purse seining fishing vessels contracted to WFC during seasons
  • Only premium grade chemical free raw material is processed
  • Custom tenderization method
  • 100% Product of USA
  • raw material processed/frozen same day as harvest
  • majority frozen in whole form to be processed per order
  • sweet flavor, mild texture
  • 12 month availability
  • No FDA or Import Issues
  • Great Taste and Texture!!!
Wild Caught California Calamari

Items Available

Size Item Number Pack
Fully Cleaned Tubes & Tentacles
4-6 inch CAL46CF8/2.5 8/2.5
Fully Cleaned Tubes Only
3-6 inch CAL36CF12/2.5 12/.25
Rings & Tentacles CALRTCF8/2.5 8/2.5
Whole Squid 1/10