Shellfish and Calamari

Every fish is singled out specifically to match our unwavering freshness and flavor standards.

Providing you with the freshest and finest seafood, harvested from the world’s oceans and farms, is what Certi-Fresh does best. Most of our fish selections are caught on daytrip boats, which means that the fish is caught and processed within hours of catch.

Each fish is singled out specifically to match our unwavering flavor and freshness standards before processing. As a result, we guarantee that our premium fish selections are the most delicious and flavorful that you—or your customers—have ever enjoyed.

Our outstanding variety of fresh and frozen seafood options include King and Atlantic salmon, swordfish, yellowfin tuna, northern halibut, seabass, mahi mahi, tilapia, octopus and crab flakes, among others. Our fillets are available in premium boneless, skinless and skin-on cuts.

Other features include:

  • Fresh and flavorful. Only the finest seafood makes it to our processing plants.
  • Guaranteed weights. Portion control is guaranteed, along with exceptional value.
  • Menu diversity. Vary the preparation or the sauce to transform one type of fish into multiple plating opportunities.
  • HACCP-approved plants. All seafood has been handled and processed to eliminate the potential for spoilage.