Tilapia Fillets
Farm Raised – Product of China


Certi-Fresh Tilapia is farm raised in China and held to stringent quality standards through every stage of its life and processing. Free of antibiotics and hormones, our BAP approved processors provide a nicely trimmed boneless skinless fillet. With a target market of restaurant operators in mind, this item has been produced to yield a 100% of useful pieces while keeping them priced competitively with the market. A light CO treatment is used for color retention, but overall treatment levels are low and closely examined for adherence. China is an enormous source for tilapia and held to Certi-Fresh’s high quality standards, it has proved to be a great quality fish at competitive pricing.


Tilapia is farm raised and harvested all year long. Larger sizes tend to be at higher prices from November to May due to seasonality and Lunar New Year work stoppages, but with a little planning on Certi-Fresh’s side, 12 month programs offer great spec adherence and price protection.

Product Forms

While product is available in a wide array of specs from whole scaled fish to deep skinned boneless skinless fillets, the most popular specs are 3-5 oz and 5-7 oz shallow skin boneless skinless fillets which will be readily available in Certi-Fresh inventory all year long.


All fillets will be individually vacuum packed and ready for thaw, rinse, and cooking.

Farm Raised Tilapia

Items Available

Size Item Number Pack
Xtra Trim Portion – Boneless Skinless
3-5 oz TIL35CF1/10 1/10
5-7 oz TIL57CF1/10 1/10