Atlantic Salmon

Atlantic Salmon (Salmo Salar)
Farm Raised – Product of Norway


Certi-Fresh Norwegian Salmon is pen raised in the pristine free-flowing Fjiords that line Norway’s coastlines. Our farmers pride themselves on “happy fish” meaning that the salmon are raised in low density pens that are never treated with antibiotics. This leaves the fish plenty of room to swim freely and keeps them free of unnatural contaminants in the water. Only the highest quality and freshest raw materials are forwarded to the processing facilities to supply our quality frozen programs.


This salmon is raised and harvested all year long. Norway’s salmon programs are on the cutting edge of finfish aquaculture and have been for over 20 years. A salmon takes 3-5 years to grow from egg to harvest size and the process is closely watched in every stage. Recommendations are to sell volume commitments at 12 months with 3 month pricing revision options, but any opportunity will be explored.

Product Forms

We are able to produce a wide array of finished products, from skin on fillets to portion control sizing. Even custom specs like “bias-cut” are available for high volume operators.


All fillets and portions will be individually vacuum packed and ready for thaw, rinse and cooking.

Points of Reference

  • Norway’s aquaculture programs are among the most technologically advanced and highest quality farming and production systems in the world
  • Only premium grade chemical free raw material is processed
  • raw material processed in freshest state possible and blast frozen immediately
  • Individually Vacuum Packed to preserve quality
  • 12 month availability

Countries of Origin also available:

  • Scottland
  • Faroe Island
  • Chile
Farm Raised Atlantic Salmon

Items Available

Size Item Number Pack
Ultra D Trim Fillet
2-4 LB 1/25
Loin Cut Portion – Boneless Skinless
8 oz SAL800CF1/10 1/10
6 oz SAL600CF1/10 1/10