Breaded Pollock


Long Line fisherman spend a 3 to 5 month season on the Ross Sea and Southern Ocean chasing one of the most savory and sought after fin fish in the ocean. Harvested and processed aboard the same vessel, this product is blast frozen into Headed& Gutted Whole Fish or “Bullets”. This product is all natural from start to finish. Certi-Fresh processes a wide array of portions from these bullets right here in California. From 4 oz squares to 11 oz premium steak cut portions, we can handle all of your sea bass needs!


This is a seasonal item harvested in the early months of every year. Program business is not a problem, but high volume operators are urged to commit to 1 year volume during the season to ensure year round supply and competitive pricing.

Product Forms

We are able to produce a wide array of finished products, from skin on fillets to portion control sizing. Even custom specs like “bias-cut” are available for high volume operators.


All fillets and portions will be individually vacuum packed and ready for thaw, rinse and cooking.

Ordering Information:

Gourmet Breaded Pollock
Item Item Number Pack
1-2 oz POL13 4/3
2-3 oz POL23 4/3
3-4 oz POL33 4/3
4 oz square POL4S3 4/3